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Tommy Records with All-Star Hip-Hop Legends

While we've been off the road for several weeks working on our own new original material, we've also been off collaborating on tracks for a forthcoming Hip-Hop compilation on Universal Records.

W-what???... Yep. It's all true. Some of the all-stars of 90s-era Hip-Hop (who all boasted top-40 hits) are appearing on this new disc, including DJ Taz ("That's Right"), 12 Gauge ("Dunkey Butt!!!") and L.A. Sno ("Whatzup Whatzup"), and they're looking to freshen up their new tracks with some strong guitar-rockin' sound... well, who better to call than UltraDrive, right?

So, yeah... stay tuned for details!

Anyway, Nation... as always don't forget to tell your friends thay can snag UltraDrive tuneage on iTunes HERE.

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