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Bass Guitar / Back-up Vocals


lead Vocals


Lead Guitar / Back-up Vocals


Drums / Programming


"Mysteriously moving with a kick-you-in-the-face punch that demands your attention, ULTRADRIVE is the perfect blend of heavy rock riffs, hard-hitting drums, melodic interludes, searing solos, and truly inspirational lyrics.  Just as the melody begins to envelope your body and the lyrics engulf your mind, this band kicks your ass without looking back.  With influences ranging from Alice In Chains to The Beatles, its no wonder this foursome is creating some of the most memorable and melodic hard rock tunes to come out of Atlanta in years."

MTV Spring Break? 99X Upstart Fest? Sponsorship offers? Imminent major label deal? 


If it ain’t right then, well… it ain’t right. 

Tommy (“Tommy-T”/ATL/guitar-hero/Transmission-founder/songwriter-extraordinaire) Thompson 

knew what “it” was… now the trick was finding the right guys… guys who had it, too. 

So… 1 relationship, 2 lousy day-jobs, 3 practice spaces and 38 lead singer auditions later, 

finally… there they were: 

Jay (Auburn, AL/pretty-boy-frontman/”I-swear-I-don’t-have-Lead-Singer-Disease”) Henderson 

Anthony (“Anton”/ CoastalGA/young-gun bass-baddass/ classical training) Holcombe 

Derrick (“Dirty-D”/PartsUnknown/Subject2Change/fusion-drum-chops-with-a-rock-attitude) Dickey 

…and just watching the stunned looks from the other musicians in the room during their first sound-check let you know even before they started that it was all gonna be worth it. 

And then… holy smokes!... that arena sound (there’s really no other way to describe it)… a sound that just jumps off the stage... and c’mon, 3-part harmonies from an active-rock band? 

A band whose 3rd show ever is opening for Army of Anyone… are you kidding me?... 

and then absolutely drops everyone’s jaws in the packed venue while doing it.


Well, if the preliminary “buzz” was hot, the accolades that have followed are off the hook. 

“Regional supergroup”?... maybe. 

Super BAND?... damn straight. 

Because, friends, this is “it”. 

This is… UltraDrive. 

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